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Part of my job as an academic coach is to provide my teachers with the best resources possible.  Who has time to scour the internet looking for lessons?  Who has time to ensure that each item is actually based in good teaching?

Here's where I come in: I am sharing some of my favorite websites and resources that I use in my own teaching.  Check back often and even subscribe, as this list will continue to grow!

Guided Reading Resources

  • Letter Sound Picture Cards by Pioneer Valley: These cards are awesome!  They have great pictures that help students to find the initial sound, common initial blends and even middle vowel sounds!  You can find out more information, including a video, at my blog post here.

  • Kinesthetic Sound Learning: Another great resource to help students learn their sounds by using motion.  This book by the Measured Mom has great pictures and actions to help students use actions to remember the sounds. You can read more on my blog post here.

Handwriting and Letter Formation

  • Alphabet Tracing Book: This book by the Measured Mom uses finger tracing to help students identify the letter and the sound.  Use fabric paint to make it sensory based.  Research has shown this is a great way for students to learn their letters and sounds.  You can read about it here at my blog.

Writing and Unit Study