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Part of my job as an academic coach is to provide my teachers with the best resources possible.  Who has time to scour the internet looking for lessons?  Who has time to ensure that each item is actually based in good teaching?

Here's where I come in: I am sharing some of my favorite websites and resources that I use in my own teaching.  Check back often and even subscribe, as this list will continue to grow!

Kindergarten- 2nd Grade Specific Resources

  • Marshmallow Shapes: My kindies have loved building 3D shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows.  This resources includes student recording sheets and cards to help students.  Most of the marshmallows end up on the toothpicks!

  • Pumpkin Teen Number Puzzles: These are from the Stem Laboratory (one of my favorites!).  Cute pumpkins that show word form, base ten form, picture form and digit form.

  • Counting by 5 Space Puzzles: Who doesn't love space?!  These adorable puzzles encourage students to count by 5 by putting the puzzle together!

3rd Grade- 5th Grade Specific Resources

  • Multiplication and Division Fluency Bundle: Check out 18 games that will help students understand their math facts and remember them.  Entrench students in meaning as they explore different properties of multiplication.  Don't forget to access your FREE webinar here that will help you get started!

6th Grade-8th Grade Specific Resources

Planning Resources

  • Georgia Performance Standards: Great activities and tasks that are detailed and thoughtful.  This site includes everything you could possibly need to plan a math unit.  Available for grades K-8.


  • Math Routines for the Classroom: Jon San Giovanni is an awesome author of number routines that take number talks to the next level.  His district, Howard County, has created videos and resources to get you started.  Available for grades K-8.  There is a wealth of information here!


  • Ohio Learning Progressions: Ever want to see how a standard is developed?  Look no further than these learning progressions.  See how standards are built and adapt your teaching to where students are.  This is an awesome tool for intervention.  Available for Grades K-8.


Awesome People You Should Check Out

  • Susan Resnick: This is a fellow consultant and mentor.  She has some great resources about intervention and helping ANY student.